About Us

We are Alec and Maggie Cranford. Alec manages bookings from students and, in fact, most of the B&B side of things.
We moved to Clevedon in 2012 and started letting out our rooms in 2014, initially through AirBnB. We heard about BGS from a student who found us when he was searching for accommodation locally and he told us all about the courses run at the gound school. We started advertising our rooms through BGS and as we've enjoyed meeting student aviators so much we now only advertise our rooms to BGS students.
We both like to keep fit, so are often at the local gym or out walking. Our interests include food and wine, photography, writing (Maggie writes a blog and has published an ebook on walking, and we are working on a recipe book), researching family history (especially of Alec's father who was a founder member of the SAS) and making a little money through selling online. Maggie has recently reopened her Etsy shop selling handknitted scarves. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ArtyMag?ref=search_shop_redirect
We have family living in the UK, France and Australia, so we like to travel, which is why our photo shows us with Sydney as a backdrop!